MoU Signed between Union of Iranian Mathematics Societies (UIMS) and ECOSF

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ECO Science Foundation had been interacting with the Isfahan Mathematics House (IMH) for promotion of learning mathematics through non formal methods because many a people in numerous countries feel mathematics to be a difficult rather a dry subject. However, Iran ever since antient times has been very good at mathematics. Iran has also established a network of Math Houses around the country. ECOSF had also invited IMH experts to Pakistan in a science fair, and planned to utilize the expertise of Iran in mathematics to help other ECO member countries. The IMH then discussed the matter with the greater forum of Union of Iranian Mathematics Societies (UIMS), of which IMH is a member, and the UIMS showed its willingness to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with ECOSF to expand the concept and non-formal methods of teaching mathematics in ECO member countries.

Since the Advisor and Immediate Past President of ECOSF Prof. Soomro was visiting Isfahan, it was mutually agreed to sign MoU in IMH and the President ECOSF Prof. Seyed Komail Tayebi authorized to sign the MoU on his behalf. On behalf of the UIMS, its President Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammadzadeh signed the MoU.

Before the signing of the MoU at the IMH, President of IMH welcomed the participants especially the guest Prof. Manzoor H. Soomro and distinguished invitees including the former President of University of Isfahan, Prof. Talebi, Acting President of Isfahan University of Technology and Director of IRIS Prof. Javad Omidi, former President of IMH and the key person behind materializing the MoU Dr. Ali Rejali and others.

Prof. Manzoor Soomro briefly thanked the UIMS and its President, President IMH and the former IMH head Dr. Ali Rejali for gathering together to sign the MoU and the invited guest; Prof. Talebi and Prof. Omidi for their presence to witness the signing ceremony. Dr. Soomro also acknowledged the trust of the President ECOSF. Prof. Tayebi and hoped that the MoU will go along way in pursuing the common goals of the two organizations.

Finally, the President of UIMS Prof. Mohammadzadeh made a speech thereby welcoming Prof. Soomro from ECOSF and the invited guests present on the occasion. He then introduced the UIMS and highlighted its activities and plans and hoped that the MoU being signed at IMH would go a long way in promoting mathematics in the 10 countries of ECO Region.


The MoU was then signed on 2 Sept 2022 by Prof. Soomro on behalf of ECOSF, and by Prof. Mohammadzadeh on behalf of UIMS.

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